• Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders

    John Da Silva

    Polhemus Savery DaSilva specializes in building second homes in the traditional Cape Cod vernacular and is especially adept at working with clients who come to the Cape from afar.

  • The houses silhouette echoes the forms of the surrounding landscape.

    Sagebrush Suite

    With the Rocky Mountains as a staggering backdrop, a contemporary Wyoming vacation home manages to mirror the beauty of its vast and gorgeous surroundings.

  • This Baja California home embraces its dreamy Pacific Ocean site, with an infinity pool and fire pit right next to the ocean.

    Baja Blend

    This Cabo San Lucas coastal retreat is a beach-lover's paradise. Firmly rooted in the vernacular of Mexico, the home also has modern touches and pops of color deftly woven in.

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    Pattern Language

    Sunbrella's Zara line of outdoor/indoor fabrics are designed to withstand rain, UV rays, and red wine spills.

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    Creature Comfort

    The Oak Trail lizard lighting fixture casts a soft glow on deck posts or steps.

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    Deluxe Decking

    Cumaru, a South American hardwood that's as hardy as ipe, is a decking option from Nova USA.

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    Disappearing Act

    Clearview Railing System's stainless steel rails and cables are cut, welded, and finished according to architect-supplied CAD drawings to ensure the right fit.

  • RAU M31

    Chaising Dreams

    Rausch's outdoor wicker lounger is made mobile by its 10-inch aluminum-frame wheels.

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    Painterly Pots

    Outdoor planters by Atelier Vierkant can be tipped off-kilter on their clear acrylic bases.

  • Stephen Snyder home, West Gros Ventre Butte, Jackson, Wyoming. CREDIT: David J Swift

    Glass Sleeper

    This elegant window seat gives users a feeling of enclosure while simultaneously placing them in the midst of a mountain panorama.

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    Western Elevation

    A stacked-log Colorado mountain house is a year-round retreat and takes its cues from the great lodges of the western United States.

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    shell Game

    Maya Romanoff's marquetry wallcovering is made of mother of pearl inlay.

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    Second Story

    The summer issue of Custom Home is devoted to second homes. Formerly known as summer homes, these houses are becoming year-round houses. But whether you call them weekend homes, vacation homes, design builders and architects agree that these projects pose their own sets of challenges.

  • Alan Gibson and Matthew O’ Malia

    Green design/build firm GO Logic launched in a down market and is enjoying great success with affordable and cutting-edge green houses.

  • Super Sleepers

    These stackable berths allow multiple people to sleep in a small area. They can also ignite imaginary undertakings and harbor secret hideaways.

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    Tangerine Dream

    Sea, a 6-foot round rug, is one of a collection of artisan-made rugs by textile designer Stephanie Odegard.

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    Diamonds are Forever

    Nani Marquina's Losanges rug reinterprets the traditional Persian rug using ancient techniques.

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    Stroke of Genius

    JAB USA's Splendid Stripes wallcovering offers modern flair plus a handmade touch with an artistic brushstroke effect.

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    Wing It

    The Single Bird on Branch offers custom builders an artisan-finished whimsical curtain rod and finial.

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    Luxe Leather

    Edelman Leather's wall or floor tiles are colored with eco-friendly vegetable dyes.


    Ancient Inspiration

    Custom tiles from California potter Forrest Lesch Middelton.

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    Splendor in the Grass

    Kenneth James' Shangri La Collection includes a grasscloth wallpaper made from bamboo harvested in Asia.

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    Easy Slider

    Weiland's wX Liftslide stacked slider is a high-end sliding door.

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    Perfect Patina

    Loewen's Cyprium Collection features hand-wrought copper- and bronze-clad windows and doors.

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    Mod Med

    Wool area rugs from the Feizy Cetara Collection are inspired by Mediterranean tile designs.

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    Give it a Whirl

    Baxter's Bespoke Collection includes high-end window hardware.

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    All Colors Green

    The Scenic Vines eco-friendly wallcovering is made from renewable resources.

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    Smooth Operator

    The 2600 Series includes multislide doors that open at the nudge of a fingertip.

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    Waves of Spain

    Tau Ceramica's Onice glass-embedded ceramic tile looks like onyx stone.

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    Closing Time

    Rocky Mountain's Casement Latch LC300 develops a patina over time and is artisan-made.

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    Rock Me

    Riva del Mar stone mosaics are suitable for walls or floors.

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    Shell Game

    Maya Romanoff's marquetry wallcovering is made of mother of pearl inlay.

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    Lost and Found

    Devon&Devon's Old Wood Collection is made with oak beams salvaged from vintage homes.

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    Planks A Lot

    Carlisle's premium wide plank engineered flooring offers an alternative to solid wood in regions with high humidity.