• Hidden Doors and Secret Rooms

    Video tour of a renovated 1930's house that has several fun hidden doors and secret rooms inside.

  • Insulation Code Change & How Spray Foam Meets 2012 IECC Code

    Building codes change on a three year cycle and we just had an update from the 2009 codes to the new 2012 International Residential Code (IRC) and the new 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

  • Front Royal, Virginia

    At this house the owners planted a plum tree and a Japanese maple in the front garden to match the color of their porch. Their house is made of Shenandoah stone, honey colored stucco, and a type of metal roof made in Virginia since 1800.

  • HVAC Systems

    Custom builder Matt Risinger shares a video about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

  • The Wisdom of the Tobacco Barn

    Tobacco barns are an example of the universal made particular, and are a monument to the native wisdom of farmers who knew their place in the land

  • Building in the Face of Danger

    Fisherman's houses in Salterpath. N.C. that have survived hurricanes for more than 100 years.

  • OSB Versus Plywood Sheathing

    Matt Risinger's Green Building Blog offers video, photos, and expert advice on high-performance construction, green building products, and fine craftsmanship.

  • Ash Lawn

    James Monroe's modest home at Ash Lawn benefits form cooling breezes and shade, demonstrating that the best sustainable features are free.

  • Cool Ranch

    Designed as a weekend retreat for a Houston-based couple, Oak Road Residence stands about halfway between the owners’ Gulf Coast hometown and the Hill Country city of Austin. So it’s perhaps fitting that the compound of buildings reflects the inspiration of architectural traditions native to those...

  • Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders

    John Da Silva

    Polhemus Savery DaSilva specializes in building second homes in the traditional Cape Cod vernacular and is especially adept at working with clients who come to the Cape from afar.

  • The houses silhouette echoes the forms of the surrounding landscape.

    Sagebrush Suite

    With the Rocky Mountains as a staggering backdrop, a contemporary Wyoming vacation home manages to mirror the beauty of its vast and gorgeous surroundings.

  • This Baja California home embraces its dreamy Pacific Ocean site, with an infinity pool and fire pit right next to the ocean.

    Baja Blend

    This Cabo San Lucas coastal retreat is a beach-lover's paradise. Firmly rooted in the vernacular of Mexico, the home also has modern touches and pops of color deftly woven in.

  • Image

    Pattern Language

    Sunbrella's Zara line of outdoor/indoor fabrics are designed to withstand rain, UV rays, and red wine spills.

  • Image

    Creature Comfort

    The Oak Trail lizard lighting fixture casts a soft glow on deck posts or steps.

  • Image

    Deluxe Decking

    Cumaru, a South American hardwood that's as hardy as ipe, is a decking option from Nova USA.

  • Image

    Disappearing Act

    Clearview Railing System's stainless steel rails and cables are cut, welded, and finished according to architect-supplied CAD drawings to ensure the right fit.

  • RAU M31

    Chaising Dreams

    Rausch's outdoor wicker lounger is made mobile by its 10-inch aluminum-frame wheels.

  • Image

    Painterly Pots

    Outdoor planters by Atelier Vierkant can be tipped off-kilter on their clear acrylic bases.

  • Stephen Snyder home, West Gros Ventre Butte, Jackson, Wyoming. CREDIT: David J Swift

    Glass Sleeper

    This elegant window seat gives users a feeling of enclosure while simultaneously placing them in the midst of a mountain panorama.

  • Image

    Western Elevation

    A stacked-log Colorado mountain house is a year-round retreat and takes its cues from the great lodges of the western United States.

  • Image

    shell Game

    Maya Romanoff's marquetry wallcovering is made of mother of pearl inlay.

  • Image

    Second Story

    The summer issue of Custom Home is devoted to second homes. Formerly known as summer homes, these houses are becoming year-round houses. But whether you call them weekend homes, vacation homes, design builders and architects agree that these projects pose their own sets of challenges.

  • Alan Gibson and Matthew O’ Malia

    Green design/build firm GO Logic launched in a down market and is enjoying great success with affordable and cutting-edge green houses.

  • Soft Curves

    A new hardware collection swaps sharp angles for soft curves.

  • Hanging Garden

    A lamp that lets nature enthusiasts add a little greenery to their living spaces

  • Super Sleepers

    These stackable berths allow multiple people to sleep in a small area. They can also ignite imaginary undertakings and harbor secret hideaways.

  • Tough and Tender

    A coastal Carolina residence by Thomas & Denzinger Architects protects against storms while nourishing the soul.

  • Hot Rocks

    Watermark’s Zen Collection uses a rare earth magnet to eliminate screws in these bath faucet handles.

  • Dense Doors

    A thicker veneer makes for stronger cabinets from this Italian kitchen and bathroom products designer.

  • Exterior Elevations That Pop With Color

    CHDA-winning projects that use colorful accents to enliven exterior elevations.

  • Crystal Ball

    United Kingdom-based housewares designer Lee Broom added a frosted option to its collection of crystal bulbs.

  • Cut and Color

    Bold colors put a contemporary spin on the old world Moorish cuts of furniture designer Jonathan Charles’ Moroccan collection of coffee and side tables.

  • Image

    Tangerine Dream

    Sea, a 6-foot round rug, is one of a collection of artisan-made rugs by textile designer Stephanie Odegard.

  • Image

    Diamonds are Forever

    Nani Marquina's Losanges rug reinterprets the traditional Persian rug using ancient techniques.

  • Image

    Stroke of Genius

    JAB USA's Splendid Stripes wallcovering offers modern flair plus a handmade touch with an artistic brushstroke effect.

  • Image

    Wing It

    The Single Bird on Branch offers custom builders an artisan-finished whimsical curtain rod and finial.

  • Image

    Luxe Leather

    Edelman Leather's wall or floor tiles are colored with eco-friendly vegetable dyes.


    Ancient Inspiration

    Custom tiles from California potter Forrest Lesch Middelton.

  • Image

    Splendor in the Grass

    Kenneth James' Shangri La Collection includes a grasscloth wallpaper made from bamboo harvested in Asia.

  • Image

    Easy Slider

    Weiland's wX Liftslide stacked slider is a high-end sliding door.

  • Image

    Perfect Patina

    Loewen's Cyprium Collection features hand-wrought copper- and bronze-clad windows and doors.

  • Image

    Mod Med

    Wool area rugs from the Feizy Cetara Collection are inspired by Mediterranean tile designs.

  • Image

    Give it a Whirl

    Baxter's Bespoke Collection includes high-end window hardware.

  • Image

    All Colors Green

    The Scenic Vines eco-friendly wallcovering is made from renewable resources.

  • Image

    Smooth Operator

    The 2600 Series includes multislide doors that open at the nudge of a fingertip.

  • Image

    Waves of Spain

    Tau Ceramica's Onice glass-embedded ceramic tile looks like onyx stone.

  • Image

    Closing Time

    Rocky Mountain's Casement Latch LC300 develops a patina over time and is artisan-made.

  • Image

    Rock Me

    Riva del Mar stone mosaics are suitable for walls or floors.

  • Image

    Shell Game

    Maya Romanoff's marquetry wallcovering is made of mother of pearl inlay.

  • Image

    Lost and Found

    Devon&Devon's Old Wood Collection is made with oak beams salvaged from vintage homes.

  • Image

    Planks A Lot

    Carlisle's premium wide plank engineered flooring offers an alternative to solid wood in regions with high humidity.

  • Twice Baked

    These built in ovens bring the power of convection to kitchens of all sizes

  • Classic Counters

    Caesarstone’s latest additions include a delicate marble look as well as bold pairings of color and texture.

  • Stone Light

    Italian designer Luca Martorano used receding edges and rounded corners to shape thin layers of marble into functional surfaces whose weightless geometries give bathroom and living spaces a subtle edge.

  • Dueling Flames

    Merge indoor and outdoor living spaces with a two-sided fireplace.

  • Texas-Sized Custom Houses in Classic Styles

    Michael G., Imber: Ranches, Villas, and Houses offers readers highlights from the architect’s award-winning residential designs. The book also digs into Imber’s process of creating these classical buildings.

  • Hardy Hardwood

    The deep tones of South Mountain’s Monterey series suits the hardwood canvas for clean-lined traditional design

  • Line Up

    These linear trench drains combine accessibility and aesthetics in the shower.

  • Quiet Quilt

    Italian furniture design studio Moroso added quilted seats to three of its trademark chair designs.

  • Aye, Aye

    Ligne Roset’s Popeye the Sailor Man-inspired Olive and Peye lamps use invisible LED strip lights to illuminate interior spaces at an intensity of 480 lumens.

  • Pattern Perfect

    KnollTextile's new 2013 collection combines a Malaysian weaving practice with Japanese patterns

  • Image

    Lavish Leftovers

    Reclaimed wood blends with glass and tile for a family-friendly version of contemporary style.

  • Image

    Swish Seat

    This chair consists of a single piece of flexible, integrally colored polypropylene that won't fade over time.

  • Image

    Swedish Bauhaus

    Artistry and utility meet in these eco-friendly Bauhaus rugs, shuttle-woven in Sweden.

  • Image

    Slow Burn

    Billed as the most efficient cooker on the market, this luxury charcoal grill is made with a two-layer insulating sandwich of refractory cements and an airtight lid seal.

  • Image

    In Suspense

    Outdoor illumination gets a modernist update with the suspension-mounted UTO pendant light.

  • Image

    Pizza Pizza

    The GUSTO portable wood-fired oven combines sleek Italian design with engineering that allows it to maintain its heat for more than an hour.

  • Image

    Warm Welcome

    The DCS built-in patio heater extends the outdoor entertaining season with 56,000 BTUs of heat and keeps guests toasty up to 15 feet away.

  • Image

    Heaven and Hill

    A sunrise-to-sunset pavilion puts down Texas roots.

  • The architects of this project typically design contemporary houses, but whatever the style, the challenges of an open kitchen remain the same.

The New American Bungalow, Evanston, Ill.: Architect: Cohen & Hacker Architects, Evanston; General contractor: Sturm Builders, Northbrook, Ill.; Interior designer: James Thomas, Chicago

    Open Season

    A look at three different open kitchens show artful ways that designers met the challenges that open kitchens pose.

  • Cabinetry and a change in floor elevation separate the kitchen and family room.

    Margin Call

    Over time, Santa Barbara, Calif., -based custom builder Doug Ford built a business that reflects that philosophy, investing in the staff, infrastructure, and systems required to handle the most elaborate residential projects—and their relationship-conscious owners—as a matter of routine.

  • Image

    In the Hood

    This one-piece vent liner is infused with Zephyr's DCBL Suppression System Technology, which ensures quiet operation and energy efficiency.

  • Image

    Sun Sign

    The REFLEX Aztec vessel sink, perfect for a powder room, measures 16.5 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches deep.

  • Image

    Teak Chic

    AnTeak tiles and mosaics are made with FSC-certified, antique reclaimed teak wood.

  • Image

    Top Cellar

    The True Professional 15 Series 15-inch-wide wine cabinet stashes nearly two cases of wine.

  • Image

    Get a Grip

    The Sydney Harbor Series hardware from Top Knobs draws inspiration from the arched bridge overlooking the harbor of one of Australia's best-known cities.

  • Image

    Counter Appeal

    ThinkGlass amps up the durable glass countertop, raised bar, or island with LED lighting.

  • Kitchen

    Under The Volcano

    These sinks from Pyrolave are made with lava stone extracted from volcanic craters in France.

  • Image

    Floor to Ceiling

    The +Artesio from Poggenpohl integrates walls, floor, and ceiling into a cohesive unit that reflects the Bauhaus philosophy of form following function.

  • Image

    Pickup Sticks

    The IXI luminaire features crystal metallic-finished cylindrical forms suspended from a matte white lacquered square that houses LED light sources.

  • Image

    Sleek Soaker

    The Palomba Collection by Laufen includes a freestanding solid-surface bathtub.

  • Image

    Spitting Image

    This rotisserie oven replicates the spit cooking method with a cast-iron oven chamber, gas burners, and a porcelain drip tray.

  • Image

    Color Coded

    Designed by Davide Oppizzi of DCUBE, Ametis offers high-tech functionality within its striking curves.

  • Image

    High- Tech Hopper

    The SensoWash C toilet features concealed water and electrical fittings.

  • Image

    Plush Patina

    The stand-alone Shelburne soaking tub is made from 90 percent to 95 percent recycled, durable copper sheet metal.

  • Image

    Vintage Vanity

    The Wide Blues Console sink offers a vintage look with curving metal grillwork and circular-pyramid section legs.

  • [#Beginning of Shooting Data Section]

Nikon D3X

2010/12/15 18:42:32.49

World Time: UTC-8, DST:OFF

Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit)

Image Size: L (6048 x 4032), FX

Lens: VR 70-200mm F/2.8G



Focal Length: 116mm

Exposure Mode: Manual

Metering: Matrix

Shutter Speed: 1/10s

Aperture: F/20

Exposure Comp.: 0EV

Exposure Tuning:

ISO Sensitivity: ISO 200

Optimize Image:

White Balance: Color Temp. (4170K), 0, M1

Focus Mode: Manual

AF-Area Mode: Single

AF Fine Tune: OFF


Long Exposure NR: OFF


Color Mode:

Color Space: Adobe RGB

Tone Comp.:

Hue Adjustment:



Active D-Lighting: OFF

Vignette Control: Normal

Auto Distortion Control:

Picture Control: [SD] STANDARD


Quick Adjust: 0

Sharpening: 3

Contrast: 0

Brightness: 0

Saturation: 0

Hue: 0

Filter Effects:


Flash Mode:  

Flash Exposure Comp.:  

Flash Sync Mode:  

Colored Gel Filter:

Map Datum:

Image Authentication: OFF

Dust Removal:

Image Comment:                                     

[#End of Shooting Data Section]

    Global Warming

    The Tango pendant achieves dramatic effect through a pair of contrasting finishes.

  • Image

    Disappearing Act

    This shower drain allows for the inlay of tile or stone over the drain to match the flooring, which creates the illusion of water disappearing into the floor.

  • Image

    Island Living

    The b2 kitchen workbench is a freestanding island that includes areas for prepping, cooking, and eating.

  • A glass-walled living-and-dining pavilion is flanked by wings holding more private spaces.

    Parallel Play

    A Long Island house brings order and inspiration to a multitrack family life.

  • Hollywood Loft Features Convertible Spaces

    The design program for this urban loft build-out included flexible spaces that offer privacy and a second bedroom for overnight guests or an eventual nursery.

  • Image

    Stealth Sink

    The Crystalline sink incorporates opaque safety glass that functions as a cutting board.

  • Trahan and his staff from 180 Degrees provided design and construction services for this interior renovation project.

    James Trahan

    Each new employee at 180 Degrees goes through intensive training. The program is similar to an apprenticeship, but covers all steps of producing a building from conception to completion.

  • Image

    Fresh Starts

    This editor's letter introduces the new, redesigned Custom Home as a quarterly, with a hat-tip to upward-bound indices and cautious optimism and a shout-out to new departments written by the same expert hands.

  • Original Look

    Petaluma, Calif.-based designer Forrest Lesch-Middleton used myriad firing, forming, and silk-screening techniques to create the intricate designs on the surface of Clé Tile’s Origins Collection.

  • Level Light

    Designer David Weeks worked with pivots and counterweights to create a dynamic collection of pendants and chandeliers that is highlighted by the use of laser-cut aluminum to create subtly curving shades.

  • Fashion Forward

    Fireclay’s fashion-inspired Runway Collection of ceramic tiles melds style and sustainability.

  • Pittsburgh’s Frank House, Restored and Preserved

    Designed in 1939 by Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer as a private residence for Pittsburgh’s Cecelia and Robert Frank, the Alan I W Frank house is an architectural tour de force that not many people have had the privilege to see.

  • Inside Hue

    Lava-stone manufacturer Pyrolave plays with circular and elliptical forms in shaping the latest addition to its sink collection.

  • The house's picturesque entry elevation is little changed since the Victorian era.

    Light Touch

    A deft remodel opens up a venerable northern California cottage.