• Framed

    Fine Paints of Europe worked with the Guggenheim Museum to select colors from its galleries for two wall paint collections.

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    No Barriers

    The glass walls of the OpenSpace shower fold back to hide shower fixtures, transforming the space into a mirrored corner.

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    Tap into filtered cold or scalding water instantly with Sieger-designed water dispensers.

  • Split_Level_House

    Internal Logic

    A Philadelphia city house rethinks the suburban split.

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    Signature Wine

    The pixelated artwork in the entryway of this Long Island residence changes continually.

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    Fine Bead

    The Restoration Millwork PVC beadboard trim profiles fit together seamlessly with a notched shiplap design that leaves a large concealed nailing area.

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    Light Forecast

    The longest cast-glass sphere suspended from the 14.14 fixture hangs 10 feet from a powder-coated canopy.

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    High Volume

    The Berwick two-handle thermostatic valve trim kit keeps shower temperatures consistent with casual style.

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    Mixed Drink

    The Aqua2use graywater system filters waste water from the washer, shower, and bath and channels it to the garden.

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    New Tricks

    The Nest Learning Thermostat continually refines its schedule to ensure maximum comfort when users are home and to save energy when they are not.

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    Wall Flower

    A radiator in designed disguise, the Heatwave hides central heating within its concrete curls.

  • Infill, Durability, and Front Porches Top the Home Design Trends Charts

    The 2011 third quarter results of The American Institute of Architects’ Home Design Trends Survey show an approximate 15 percent improvement in the custom/luxury market with outdoor spaces and smaller, greener homes remaining the most popular requests among residential clients.