• The new third-story mezzanine holds a kitchen/conference room at the top of the stairs.

    Alley Adaptation

    This former bakery houses living space and multiple businesses, including a coffee roaster and an artisanal charcuterie.

  • A large skylight makes the living area feel like a courtyard, and clerestories brighten the master suite behind it. A shade inside the skylight protects the owners artwork from direct sun.

    Street Smart

    A large skylight and interior clerestories help open up this repurposed 100-year-old building.

  • The linear building houses the dedicated public realm to the left, and the public/private spaces to the right.

    Wine, Dine, Live, Work

    This linear building's public/private spaces allow room for living, dining, and working.

  • Shoe In

    A cozy and convenient shoe bench helps organize a Concord, Mass., remodel.