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    Better Than New

    If sustainable design had an attractive spokesmodel, it would be reclaimed materials. Besides conserving resources and reducing waste, they give projects the patina of a past life.

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    Embodied Energy

    Once a storage vessel for oil, Silo 468 has become a beacon in Helsinki's new district of light.

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    The Art of Business

    Jing Liu and Florian Idenburg founded their firm SO-IL to be streamlined and selective. As Karrie Jacobs discovers, it's a strategy that has the firm on the verge of landing big-budget projects.

  • A Village for Those in Need

    In Escondido, Calif., Davids Killory designed a community for homeless mothers and children.

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    Collection Point

    What a BRIK wants to be.

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    Abandoning the Middle Ground

    Shaping the built environment is about more than design.

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    Across the Institute

    Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Denver

  • Trial and Error

    How do firms incorporate research into design practices?

  • Structural Integrity

    Shoring up architecture's social foundation.