from the editor

  • what plays in peoria

    I admit it, I am powerless against my addiction to television house shows.


home front

  • perspective: on the move

    Jennifer Siegal has spent more than a decade researching and creating portable architecture.

  • tracing roots

    In his 2003 treatise, Creating a New Old House (The Taunton Press, $39.95), Russell Versaci, AIA, taught readers how architects use precedent to design historical homes. His latest effort, Roots of Home: Our Journey to a New Old House (The Taunton Press, $45), traces the origins of those classic...


architects' choice

  • good save

    Bamesberger Architecture: TOTO USA toilets.

  • steel diamond

    Bamesberger Architecture: Diamond Spas stainless steel tubs.

  • dura duo

    Bamesberger Architecture: Duratherm custom wood windows with two species on one frame.


residential architect leadership awards

hall of fame

top firm

rising star

doctor spec


new material

  • new b

    Starting at $18,000 (with many systems averaging $35,000), b1 would be considered pricey in some circles, but when compared to the company's signature b3 collection (which costs 35 percent to 40 percent more), it's a steal.

  • lotus blossoms

    The suave aluminum shell of the LOTUS luminaire isn't just another pretty exterior.

  • forge ahead

    The bold look of Sonoma Forge's WaterBridge faucet (and accessories) collection suits a range of aesthetic styles.



  • leroy street studio architecture

    Morgan Hare, LEED AP, grew up in the Leroy Street brownstone from which he and Marc Turkel, AIA, LEED AP, co-founded their design/build firm in 1995.


Other Articles

  • objects of desire

    when it comes to product design, what creates a classic?

  • the question of style

    Matching up aesthetic ideals between client and architect has never been easier, thanks to Google. By checking out a firm's Web site, clients can tell at a glance whether they're on the same wavelength-and if not, no harm done. Homeowners have their pick of architects who are well-versed in their...