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Artist Yayoi Kusama Bedecks the Glass House with Speckles

Red polka dots currently obscure the transparent façade of Philip Johnson's house... More

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Workspace: Gray Organschi Architecture

The New Haven, Conn., studio of Elizabeth Gray and Alan Organschi draws the gaze of passersby with its storefront workshop. More

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Philip Johnson's Wiley Speculative House For Sale in Connecticut

A 1954 house designed by Philip Johnson hits the market. More

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Bridge House, Kent, Conn.

Inspired by a wood-covered bridge spanning the nearby falls, this house springs... More

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Peter Eisenman Re-examines Andrea Palladio's Work

Contrary to what's accepted about Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio's villas—that they are ideal in form, stable in their part-to-whole ratios—architect Peter Eisenman proposes that their components had become unrecognizable by the end of Palladio's career. More

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Yale University Year-End Reviews

A look at the end-of-year exhibition at Yale University. Check out our accompanying slide show of the jury examining the students' work. More

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Reverse Engineering

Modeling future scenarios in an ongoing energy crisis. More

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French Country Farm, Greenwich, Conn.

A rustic potting room attracted the judges' attention. More

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Wheeler Residence, Scarsdale, N.Y.

Inspired by the forms of a grand piano, this stair gets support from a rhythmic array of steel rods. More

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