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From Energy Sink to Energy Efficient: A Walk Through Window Technologies

In the last century, windows have evolved from drafty single-panes to... More

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Revolutionary Building Products Made from Rubber

About 80 percent of the 300 million tires discarded in the U.S. each year is diverted from landfills and turned into everything from fuel to backfill. But the potential of scrap rubber can stretch even further. More

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ra50: housebrand

housebrand melds an architecture firm, real estate agency, and more at its office in Canada. More

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housebrand's Calgary office serves a multitude of purposes

Like the firm itself, housebrand's Calgary office space is multidisciplinary. More

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Architects Need to Learn to Work With Clients' More Stringent Budgets

In recessionary times, architects have to exercise their creativity and do more with less. More

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team alberta's solabode house

four canadian colleges join forces to create a small but spacious net-energy solar... More

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rising star: john brown, raic

John Brown, RAIC, is on a profound mission, one that doesn't involve anything as mundane as scaling K2 or swimming the English Channel. The soft-spoken Canadian wants to simultaneously improve the quality of mass-market housing and make better houses more More

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get ready for the 2009 solar decathlon

student teams prepare solar-powered homes for competition in washington, d.c. More

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the softer side of steel

One of the strongest building materials is also a tremendously flexible, decorative spec. More

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