• reinvention 2009: the new, new reality

    Architects from all around the country gathered in Seattle Sept. 14-16 for residential architect's 2009 Reinvention Symposium, "The New, New Reality: Expanding the Architect's Role Through Outreach, Innovation & Collaboration."

  • greening the mcmansion

    The "Greening the McMansion" charrette gave attendees a chance to discuss and draw their ideas for remaking a sample overscaled home in suburban Bellevue, Wash.

  • the big think: engaging community and government in design solutions

    Discussing projects that engaged land trusts to help create dense, green, affordable housing developments, moderator William H. Kreager, FAIA, challenged those present to ask themselves, "What can I do to become a citizen architect in my community?"

  • citizen architect

    Steven A. Moore, Ph.D., told the audience that "we architects are too often seen as self-congratulatory artists" who are only "interested in self-expression."

  • green, then and now

    Thirty years ago, when 2009 Top Firm Leadership Award winners David Miller, FAIA, and Robert Hull, FAIA, founded The Miller|Hull Partnership, it wasn't terribly unusual for architects to concern themselves with the principles of what would come to be call

  • partnering with allied professions to bring new ideas to market

    This panel discussion, "Partnering With Allied Professions to Bring New Ideas to Market," brought together three building industry professionals who have accomplished significant things by combining the forces of diverse fields.

  • "beyond the building: the architect's best hope for greater relevance"

    Andrés Duany, FAIA, possesses a unique perspective on how designers can have a greater effect on the built environment.

  • special summit: can green and affordable coexist?

    Can affordable and green co-exist?

  • sustainable by design: the golden rules behind green construction

    How to can achieve efficiency with simple, commonsense solutions.

  • reinventing the pattern book

    Edward M. Binkley, AIA, of BSB Design; Charles Lazor of Lazor Office; and Russell Versaci, AIA, of Russell Versaci Architecture share how their respective firms are formulating new ways of delivering affordable housing using some of the elements of the pattern book approach.

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