2012 Most Popular Projects - DS

  • Gorgeous Outbuildings

    Architects often enjoy a greater amount of freedom when designing outbuildings, and the results can be stunning. We’ve assembled a slideshow of some of our favorite such follies, for your viewing enjoyment.

  • When the walls are raised, the house feels more like an open-air pavilion--with direct sightlines to the water.

    Beach Houses That Balance Style and Durability

    Living next to the ocean means building durable structures to resist storms, pervasive humidity, and corrosive salt air, and the best of these efforts also maintain a graceful stance that’s respectful of their delicate sites. The designs seen here achieve that tricky balance and more.

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    Five Solutions for Renovating Row Houses

    Five creative solutions to bring light deep into long, narrow row house floor plans.

  • Oriented toward a family room/screening room and open to an outdoor pool deck, this kitchen balances illumination with a large skylight over its work area.

    Award-Winning Kitchens and Baths

    A web-exclusive look at some of the past design award winners in our kitchen and bath categories.

  • Strategies for Small Kitchens

    When you don’t have acres of space for a kitchen, you have to get even more creative. See our featured projects for outstanding examples of small-kitchen strategies.

  • Summer Cottage on Swedish Shorefront

    Stockholm-based architect Mats Fahlander was an apt candidate to design a summer cottage for this shorefront site on Sweden’s rugged western coast because he’s known the both the client and the area since childhood.

  • 2012 Kitchen and Bath Design Award Winners

    Juries for both the 2012 residential architect and Custom Home Design Awards gravitated toward kitchens and baths that open up to adjacent rooms or outdoor spaces.

  • The Art of Porch Design

    Porches that are integrated into a home’s layout rather than a tacked-on afterthought provide restful places to lounge.

  • Agricultural Archetypes Inspire Modern Homesteads

    This collection of projects includes a contemporary renovation that incorporates two historic log cabins and new work that draws inspiration from rural archetypes such as the ranch shed, shotgun house, barn, and farm silo.

  • A three-dimensional truss of thin, high-strength steel members supports a cantilever of 45 feetapproximately half of the buildings length.

    Suspended Homes Capture Imagination

    Using a house to form a bridge over a waterway or landform can help architects attain a sense of weightlessness in their work.

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