2012 Most Popular Products - DS

  • Flashback: Mogens Koch Shelving System

    A trained architect, Koch designed the six-unit modular system in 1928 as a bookcase for a small room in his Copenhagen home.

  • Vintage Flooring by Apavisa

    Apavisa’s Vintage collection gives porcelain tile a wood look and a retro kick that adds pops of bold colors to the company’s line of resilient floor and wall tiles.

  • MP3 Gramophone Docking Station from Restoration Hardware

    Restoration Hardware combined the antique look of Edison’s phonograph with the 21st-century quality of Jobs’ iPhone and iPad in a docking station that will blast your digital tracks—regardless of their era of origin—up to four times their regular volume level without using electricity or batteries.

  • Topex Launches Bath Vanity Line

    Hardware maker Topex combined clean lines, bold colors, and a range of materials in its first line of wall-mounted bath vanities.

  • Residential Wall Coverings by Oren Sherman

    High-quality digital printing lets designers add myriad designs and visual textures as feature walls, single panels, or large-scale repeats.

  • Kitchen and Bath Sinks From Duravit

    Two ceramic sinks from Duravit prove that cleaner lines and simpler geometries can boost functionality without curtailing aesthetics.

  • Native Trails’ Hand-Hammered Mirrors

    Native Trails is expanding its line of hand-hammered mirrors by adding new finishes to two of its staple products: the Milano and Divinity mirrors.

  • New Ravenna’s Plaid-Patterned Tiles

    Tile designer Sara Baldwin’s new collection of plaid and gingham mosaic tiles for New Ravenna gives traditional patterns a burst of color, letting designers choose whether to let interior tile walls and floors blend in or stand out.

  • Lenova’s Sand Stone Vessel Sink

    Dark polished grains stand out on this sink's light-colored surface to make it the bathroom's focal point.

  • Outdoor Furniture from Peak Season

    Furniture studio Peak Season added to its Inspired Visions collection of outdoor furniture more than 25 pieces with elegant detailing and eclectic design references that lend themselves to a dynamic outdoor living space.

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