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    Asbury Park, Richmond, Miami, Charleston

  • Architecture’s Impact on Art at Carnegie Museum

    A nex ehibit Heinz Architectural Center, part of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Museum of Art, breaks down the monolithic classical design of museums and introduces six "gallery" spaces from across the globe.

  • Exhibit: 'Field Conditions'

    Architects describe space without buildings, and artists describe space with architectural language in a new exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that revists Stan Allen's deconstructivist essay from 1996.

  • A Monumental Living Room

    Autumn weekends spent strolling through Central Park just got better. Starting Sept. 20, New Yorkers and tourists will have the opportunity to experience the city’s famous statue of Christopher Columbus from an entirely different viewpoint thanks to artist Tatzu Nishi and the Public Art Fund.

  • Common Ground, the 13th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Opens This Week

    Richard Ingersoll tours the central pavilion, which features an exhibition designed by director David Chipperfield and installations from Alvaro Siza and Zaha Hadid.

  • Exhibit: ‘Urban Fabric: Building New York’s Garment District’

    Architects in the '20s designed the largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world, to house most of the U.S. clothing-manufacturing business. An exhibit at New York's Skyscraper Museum explores the transformation from then to today's high-end fashion headquarters.

  • Exhibit: 'Now Boarding'

    In the post-9/11 era, there is great potential for airports to be soul-sucking, stressful places. Working hard to make the utilitarian pleasant is Denver's Fentress Architects, which has six of its airports now on exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

  • Traveling Installation Highlights Modernist Landmarks

    Between now and Sept. 16, anyone who walks through the Neutra VDL Research House in Los Angeles will experience Architectones, a collection of site-specific sculptures designed in response to the iconic house and its owner/architect.

  • Chicago: Smart Home Exhibit Gets a New Look

    Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is giving its high-tech exhibit home another go with furniture and decor sourced from pieces of the city's past and smart, savvy technology.

  • Making Landscapes from Bottle Caps

    Artist Heidi Fowler uses bottle caps filled with junk mail to make beautiful landscapes for an exhibit in Maryland, writes Blaine Brownell.

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