• Exhibit: ‘Urban Fabric: Building New York’s Garment District’

    Architects in the '20s designed the largest concentration of skyscrapers in the world, to house most of the U.S. clothing-manufacturing business. An exhibit at New York's Skyscraper Museum explores the transformation from then to today's high-end fashion headquarters.

  • Exhibit: 'Now Boarding'

    In the post-9/11 era, there is great potential for airports to be soul-sucking, stressful places. Working hard to make the utilitarian pleasant is Denver's Fentress Architects, which has six of its airports now on exhibit at the Denver Art Museum.

  • Traveling Installation Highlights Modernist Landmarks

    Between now and Sept. 16, anyone who walks through the Neutra VDL Research House in Los Angeles will experience Architectones, a collection of site-specific sculptures designed in response to the iconic house and its owner/architect.

  • Chicago: Smart Home Exhibit Gets a New Look

    Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is giving its high-tech exhibit home another go with furniture and decor sourced from pieces of the city's past and smart, savvy technology.

  • Making Landscapes from Bottle Caps

    Artist Heidi Fowler uses bottle caps filled with junk mail to make beautiful landscapes for an exhibit in Maryland, writes Blaine Brownell.

  • Students Create Exhibit on Washington, D.C., Neighborhood

    The National Building Museum (NBM) hosts a monthlong program that helps teens learn about the built environment by putting together an exhibition about a local neighborhood.

  • New Gallery Devoted to Frank Lloyd Wright

    A new gallery at SC Johnson’s Wright-designed campus opens with an exhibit examining the architect’s impact on the American home

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    Exhibit: 'Kevin Roche: Architecture as Environment'

    The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., is holding a retrospective of the 1982 Pritzker Prize–winning architect, Kevin Roche. Through Dec. 2.

  • Form Re-examined Through Palladio Exhibit

    Palladio Virtuel challenges notions of the Renaissance architect's renowned formwork.

  • Tracking a Changing Staten Island

    One exhibit reviews the island’s transition from an agricultural center to a residential refuge outside the grasp of a modernizing city to, lately, an area that’s slowly and with some resistance being brought into the gritty urban fold.

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