• Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Brooklyn, New York, Polshek Partnership Architects

    Water-Treatment Plants

    Wastewater-treatment plants used to be dirty buildings. Today, architects are cleaning them up.

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    Local Market: Jackson, Miss.

    A look at local market conditions in Jackson, Miss.

  • New Princeton Dean Answers Critics

    Newly minted dean of Princeton’s School of Architecture Alejandro Zaera-Polo addresses students’ complaints over his appointment.

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    Recycling Building Materials

    Recent national and grassroots initiatives open the door for reuse to have a greater role in sustainable design.

  • Prominent Women in Architecture Interviews

    Architect Mark English launched his blog, The Architect’s Take, several months ago. A big concern on his mind was the lack of women in his profession, so he asked several prominent female architects who started their own firms to impart their views and advice.

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    Healthy Outlook

    Architects and healthcare providers agree that flexible design is crucial to controlling future costs for healthcare.

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    The Next Files: Ken Andrews, Arch11

    Ken Andrews of Boulder, Colo.-based Arch11 combines practice and teaching in a way that enriches both.

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    School of Hard Knocks

    Tuition is rising for architecture students, even as graduates face bleak unemployment.

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    Across the Institute

    Portland, South Bend, Washington, D.C., and Allentown.

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    Back to the Future

    Koolhaas and Obrist's history of how postwar Japanese Metabolists looked to the future of architecture.

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