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  • Celebrating Trees With Tree Houses

    An upcoming exhibit at Media, Pa.'s Tyler Arboretum (one of the oldest arboreta in America) will feature 16 structures-most of them tree houses-designed and built by Delaware Valley architects, artisans, landscape architects, and design students to inspire wonder and appreciation for trees.

  • supplied by architect

    working with fabricators to blur the boundaries between objects and art.

  • machines for really living

    a typical custom home has many purely functional pieces that become high art in the hands of deft designers (think Valli&Valli or Louis Poulsen Lighting).

  • what's your favorite industrial product?

    The Apple cordless mouse. You don't need a desk; you can put it on any smooth surface and use it. Apple just knows how to produce attractive designs for functional objects.

  • cross purposes

    The ascent of the big-box retailer hasn't been kind to elite writing instrument makers like the A.T. Cross Co. But as part of its rebranding and repositioning strategy, the company hired Boston architect David Hacin's firm to design a prototype store for its products.

  • vintage modern

    Katherine Lambertmatt and Libby Elliott seem to have a knack for making things go their way. The

  • Quality Time

    Fewer and fewer single-family homes are being designed by architects--and it shows. A Boston architect calls for a new approach.

  • domestic bliss

    Josef and Anni Albers changed residential interiors forever. When the German-born, Bauhaus-educated artists emigrated to the United States in 1933, they brought a holistic view of design incorporating bold new notions about color, material, and texture. Not content to work within the traditional...

  • Site Celebrates Turning Trash into Art, a Web site launched by the Dutch firm 2012 Architects, invites all creative types to submit projects that turn trash-bound materials into functional art.

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