• The Glass House Gets Fogged Out

    Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has designed a site-specific installation called Veil that envelopes Philip Johnson's Glass House in a dense fog. Intended as an opaque contrast to the transparent architecture, the fog will cover the house every hour through November 30.

  • This Architect Has Painstakingly Standardized the World's Subway Maps

  • God Help Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

    Architecture critic Rowan Moore isn't too impressed with the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

  • A Green Roof for the Barclays Center

    Too noisy for neighbors, Brooklyn's Barclays Center is getting a green roof to cover its dome in hopes of tamping down the sound of concerts.

  • An Elegant Staircase That Floats Above a 19th Century Loft Living Room

    We previously featured a suspended staircase that doubles as an innovative work space. London studio Haptic Architects has designed a...

  • World Migration, Visualized

    Every year, millions of people leave their birth countries to try their fortunes in foreign lands. Where are the most popular destinations for these people? What countries are sending out streams of residents who may never come back?

  • Profile: New York YIMBY

    Nikolai Fedak, 23, runs the up-and-coming website that supports developers in the face of provincialism.

  • Sweet Animated Treat "Shape" Explores What Design Does

    "Shape" is a fun animated exploration of what design can mean and how it shapes our experiences. All of the elements aim to educate the youths (and the public at large) about creative work and history around design. Gently soundtracked and wordless-the better to communicate universally-it invites...

  • Before Asking the Boss for a Raise, Check These Charts

    The good news in last week's US jobs was that private sector jobs actually started growing again. But here's the hard truth: American pay packages still look downright feeble.

  • Museum Tower Hires Hines To Solve Glare Dispute

    Could detente be coming to Dallas? A solution may be in the works for the glare problem that is burning the Nasher Sculpture Center.