Winthrop Road

Brookline, MA United States

Butz + Klug Architecture


Project Description

The replacement of an aging kitchen presented an opportunity to take ad- vantage of the unique siting of this house - sitting at the top of a slope with an extensive and wooded rear yard. The sequence from the street to the existing (slightly modified) ma- terially rich introverted central hall to the ‘release’ of the framed view of the treetops from the kitchen becomes the memorable counterpoint to the cross- axial en filade of the original rooms. As a result this larger spatial composition gives gravity to the new sequence and becomes the most striking and memo- rable event of the house.

The additional task of reconfiguring the somewhat haphazard and piece- meal organization of the storage and bathroom allowed the master bedroom, bath and guest bath to be greatly sim- plified and brought into a more spa- tially cohesive and efficient union with the original plan of the house.

The original master bedroom walk-in closet was removed at the rear of the house to open the bedroom to this new view and was replaced with a wall of closets with sliding doors perpendicu- lar to the view.


Project Details

Winthrop Road
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Pamela Butz, Jeffrey Klug, Heather Fagans, Myriam Migrditchian, Marc Roehrle,
  • Construction Manager: Brite Builders Inc 
  • Structural Engineer: Roome & Guarracino, LLC 
  • Window Fabricator: Architectural Openings 
  • Wood Finisher: Murat Oztermiyeci 
  • Cabinet Maker: KR&H 
  • Photographer: Eric Roth Photography 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    3,970 sq ft


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