West Village Apartment

New York, NY United States

Mojo Stumer Associates


Project Description

Our client originally saw the project with us when the two penthouse floors were four separate apartments. Our task was to combine the four apartments into one duplex penthouse.

The architecture had to be extremely contemporary to meet our client’s philosophy, and ours, with complimentary interiors that our firm did. The apartment has some very exciting details which you will see in the photographs.

There are two outside decks that help the interior extend to the exterior. We programmed the apartment with adjacencies of space so that living is basically on one side and functions like kitchen and support on the other. The kitchen, per the request of the client, had to be red which we toned down with stainless steel and white painted glass. We designed the kitchen along with all the other cabinetry you see in the project.


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West Village Apartment
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    3,000 sq ft


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