West Brookline Street

Boston United States


Project Description

Embracing the spatial and geometric clarity of the Victorian era plan, as well as the simple and obvious late 19th century domestic mechanics that al- low the house to alter and accept the variety of life’s rituals - both the very private and the very social - connects the house to its past, yet unlike its Vic- torian predecessor, the language of the building fabric is geometrically simple and materially rich, the rhythms of light and material more emphatic and pronounced, and the conventions of modern life more legible.

Much of the furniture, designed by the architects, uses sustainable methods and materials: the Kitchen Island work surface is white glass, honed by a local craftsman; the media credenza is bam- boo; the dining room table is surfaced by reclaimed ebony from recycled fur- niture.


Project Details

West Brookline Street
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Pamela Butz, Jeffrey Klug, Deborah Buelow, Nicholas Waldman
  • Construction Manager: Timberwolf Woodworking, Inc. 
  • Structural Engineer: Roome & Guarracino, LLC. 
  • Wood Finisher: Murat Oztermiyeci 
  • Window Fabricator: Boston Sash and Millwork 
  • Cabinet Maker: Furniture Design Services 
  • Photographer: Eric Roth Photography 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    3,520 sq ft
Construction Cost:

Specified Products

Furniture Design Services Custom "Taut" Table

The arrangement of people around a table is determined by the location of chairs, which, in turn, are governed by the location legs. Placing the legs at the extreme corners and coupling this with expandable leaves allows for the maximum variation of social patterns. Typically, this results in a structural compromise; here, however, it becomes a design opportunity. The expansion of the table is itself an event, with every leaf increasing the tables’ tautness.

Furniture Design Services Bamboo Credenza

Making the Credenza's Gestalt memorable through both material (Bamboo vs Polished Stainless Steel steel) and formal (Volume vs linear) contrast the credenza is able to absorb the typical haphazard collection of disparate electronic components (remotes, DVD players, cable boxes, game stations and components) surrounding home entertainment while remaining domestic and not overtly 'electronic'.



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