Warwick Grove, The Warwick

Warwick, NY United States

Donald Powers Architects


Project Description

2004 RADA

Single-Family Production / Detached / Merit

Our judges gave this project an award both for what it is--a modest production house model that exemplifies quality over quantity--and for what it isn't. "It's not McMansiony," said one judge. "In the world of traditionally styled production housing, this really stands out."

This was precisely the point, says architect Donald Powers. The client, Warwick Grove Co., he explains, is committed to redefining the suburban model. For this traditional neighborhood design community, Warwick sought a series of homes that encourage interaction with neighbors while also embracing unique design and quality materials. Because the homes target older adults, Powers located main living areas on the first floor and relegated guest rooms and secondary spaces to the upper level. A combination of defined but overlapping spaces and open areas makes the compact houses feel spacious.

The community plan calls for 150 homes sited close together on small lots, so the homes needed to have better than average exterior detailing, says Powers. "We couldn't get away with vinyl when the house is close to the street," he says. Instead, Western red cedar, fiber cement, and cedar doors greet the street. "The restraint of detail--the trim, molding, the use of color--is masterful," one judge said.


Project Details

Warwick Grove, The Warwick
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Donald Powers, Jeff Degraw, Principal In Charge.
  • Land Planner: Michael Watkins 
  • Developer: Warwick Grove Co. 
  • General Contractor: Warwick Grove Co. 
  • Landscape Architect: Karen Arent 
  • Interior Designer: Patricia Stadel 
  • Photographer: Jeff Herbert 
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:
Project Size:
    2,400 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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