Two Barns

Denver, CO United States

Paul Preissner Architects, Indie Architecture


Project Description


A temporary structure that served as a stage for the Music for Animals festival—part of the 2013 Biennial of the Americas—these two “barns” existed for just six hours. The two barns played host to a performance by Nick Cave, an opera for dogs and an art installation of edible plants by artist Viviane Le Courtois. The odd orientation of the pop-up structures created eight architectural spaces in all, revealing a depth and understanding of “light, space and composition and how it all works together,” a juror said. The $12,500 structure was composed of only two elements—simple Galvalume-coated prefabricated steel panels and distinctive “pink kimono” paint for the interiors. “Exceptional use of off-the-shelf products,” a juror said, before adding, “and, wow, what a cool space to see Nick Cave.”

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Two Barns
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  • General Contractor: Powalski and Associates 
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