Townsend Kitchen

Delmar, New York



Project Description

If a picture speaks 1,000 words, then many will be spoken on the pages to follow. This residential kitchen renovation sought to transform a dated and well-worn space into a thing of functional beauty. Located in a central corner of the home, this kitchen serves as the hub of family activity. For the primary user, the kitchen provides an oasis to the chaos of the day; a place of personal respite to quietly concentrate on culinary therapy. The open, triangular layout with a central island is ideal for family interaction and supervision while cooking, and the bar height counter on the island provides a convenient place for serving, entertaining, and eating. The materials are warm and rich, complementing the bright and open décor of the home. The cabinet and hardware styles complement the sleek lines of the appliances, combining into a clean and creative composition that is not only beautiful, but supremely functional. To top it off, a number of the products are environmentally friendly, such as the countertops made with recycled glass and the cork floor. Please enjoy the words that emanate from the pictures that follow.


Project Details

Townsend Kitchen
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    Scott Townsend
  • Architect: Scott Townsend 
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Project Size:
    320 sq ft


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