Tick Hall Reconstruction

Montauk, NY United States

Wank Adams Slavin Associates


Project Description

2003 RADA

Judges' Award

When a 1997 fire destroyed a summer residence in Montauk, N.Y., the home's owners weren't the only ones who mourned. The 113-year-old building, known as Tick Hall, was designed by Stanford White and sited by Frederick Law Olmsted, and its loss represented a significant blow to the architectural community. Luckily, the owners decided to attempt the improbable. They hired the architecture, engineering, and preservation firm Wank Adams Slavin Associates to rebuild the house exactly as it had once stood.

Since original plans and drawings no longer existed, partner James Hadley, AIA, and project architect Keith Gianakopoulos relied on photographs, records, and interviews to determine the home's materials and dimensions. Along with builder Jim Kim and members of the interior-carpentry company Traditional Line, they labored to re-create the patina of a century-old house. The judges admired both their painstaking research and the end result. "They did a fantastic job of restoring this structure," they said.


Project Details

Tick Hall Reconstruction
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Keith Gianakopoulos, Project Architect.
  • General Contractor: Jim Kim 
  • Structural Engineer: M.G. McLaren P.C 
  • Mechanical Engineer: Harry Spring 
  • Project Conservator: Bruce Popkin 
  • Photographer: Walter Dufresne 
Project Scope:
Project Type:
Project Status:
Project Size:
    3,735 sq ft


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