The New American Home 2013

Las Vegas, NV United States

Blue Heron


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

The Rejuvenation Room plays roles in both design and function of the home. Sitting at the end of a long linear water trough, this floating room provides an escape from the rest of the home as well as a visual terminus of the main axis from the entrance. A suitable place for meditation, yoga, or even a massage, The Rejuvenation Room is a sanctuary that serves as the ultimate destination for any person in the home.

Nestled between two zero-edge pools this sunken living room is just one of many outdoor retreats throughout

the home. Sitting down in this space brings you to a personal level with the surface of both pools. Looking one way you see back into the home, the other way gives you a clear view onto the golf course that the home overlooks. Water trickles over both edges and drains into a black pebbles and lush vegetation is planted all around to invoke a serene and tranquil experience. No matter the time or day, the water reflects the colors of the desert sky or the surrounding settings to give the ultimate Zen experience.

Architecture and design merge as one in regard to the kitchen and great room. Windows and pocket doors

shape the space giving this area extensive views and connections to outdoor spaces. The kitchen is convenient and functional with top of the line appliances, more than enough counter space, and plenty of storage. The comfort of the great room is drawn into the kitchen as the TV and fireplace mantle draw long, linear lines into the kitchen, completing this unified experience of architecture and design.


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The New American Home 2013
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    Blue Heron, Builder, Las Vegas
  • Landscape Architect: Sage Design Studios 
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    6,721 sq ft
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