Tesoro Grove Family Housing

San Diego, CA United States

Studio E Architects


Project Description

2004 RADA

Affordable / Grand

It's hard to imagine a less desirable site than the one Studio E Architects faced in designing Tesoro Grove Family Housing, south of San Diego. Not only did it border Interstate 5, the heavily traveled freeway that leads from Southern California to Mexico, but it was shaped like two irregular triangles and surrounded by a built context with little or no architectural character. "The way they dealt with a leftover site was very interesting," said a judge.

Principal Eric Naslund, FAIA, and his staff decided that if thousands of cars would be passing by each day, they might as well have something pleasant to look at. "We wanted to design a project that works at 65 miles per hour," he says. Bold forms and colors did the trick. The firm then carved out open space within each triangle, giving residents a sense of community and ownership. Parking was pulled to the perimeters to create a truly walkable neighborhood.

The units along the freeway face the interior of the project, and the few windows that do face outward are rated to cut down on noise. And the project's mix of colorful stucco walls and white-painted board-and-batten celebrates San Diego's dual Latino and Anglo-Saxon heritage.


Project Details

Tesoro Grove Family Housing
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Firm Name:
Project Team:
    Eric Naslund, Principal In Charge; Mike Burnett, Project Architect.
  • Land Planner: Eric Naslund 
  • Developer: Jim Silverwood 
  • General Contractor: Allgire General Contractors 
  • Landscape Architect: Marty Poirier and Mohamed Zaki 
  • Photographer: Jim Brady 


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