Stein Residence

Orinda, CA United States

Swatt | Miers Architects


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

On a majestic ridge with sweeping views, the Stein Residence is an extreme makeover of a previous one-story, tile-roofed ranch house. The original building suffered from low ceilings, a disjointed plan, and minimal glazing. The strategy that evolved focused on constructing a new home, roughly within the original footprint, using the existing foundations to reduce construction costs.

Due to the length and narrowness of the original footprint and the magnificent views to the west, the first design strategy was to create a long path along the north edge, culminating in an entry court at the roughly centered on the east-west axis. The progression toward the entry is marked by the rhythm of a deep overhead trellis that provides a sense of enclosure to the entry while allowing maximum daylight to penetrate.

The entry splits the composition into two wings connected by a two-level living/dining space. Public spaces are located on the ground floor, while bedrooms are located upstairs with a bridge connecting the master suite to the childrens' bedrooms.


Project Details

Stein Residence
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Project Team:
    W.B. Elmer & Company, Builder, Orinda, Calif.
  • Landscape Architect: Thuilot Associates 
  • Interior Designer: Jorie Clark Design 
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Project Size:
    5,300 sq ft


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