St. John's University

Queens, NY United States


Project Description

“New York City’s Team,” the St. John’s University’s Red Storm, has installed a Regupol AG track surface after 20 years of training on a less than perfect, unresponsive outdoor track surface.

“The Regupol AG track provides what our athletes need - a softer surface, offering a nice bounce to their run, as well as a surface that we expect will last a very long time,” said Coach John Hurt, head of track and field at St. John’s University and a 30-year coach of the women’s track and field team, “This track is a demonstrable statement of our commitment to our student-athletes.”


Project Details

St. John's University
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Project Team:
    Abacus Sports Installations Ltd.
Project Scope:
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Project Size:
    7,000 sq ft

Specified Products

Regupol Americs Regupol AG

The gold standard for international competition and top athletes, Regupol AG is built with a precision, pre-fabricated, factory controlled recycled rubber base layer to provide the highest level of shock absorption.



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