Solar Energy Installation Complex

Orlando, FL United States

Arquitectura Yngrid Echalar Gutierrez


Project Description

Arquitectura Yngrid Echalar Gutierrez has designed a Solar Energy Installation Complex, this complex will be able to generate enough energy to attend to the energy demands of the urban plan.

Aside from generating solar energy, these complexes became an open space for the citizens because they provide large green areas where citizens will be able to take walks, bicycle rides and many other outdoor activities, such us the use of intelligent parking where they will be able to park and charge their vehicles.

The two upper levels house the administrative offices of the staff that administrates this complex. The staff has vertical access that is distributed within four intelligent elevators. This system of entry is only allowed for administrative personnel.

The most important aspect of the complex is its Cover, which generates the greatest amount of solar energy through the thousands of solar panels used as coatings.

The green areas also contribute to the environment for the reason that it has a series of sculptural structures that are receptors of rainwater and also enable the growth of moss on their outside walls.

Some of these structures are only energy generators since they are constructed with special glass that allows the cultivation of algae which are an interesting source of energy


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Solar Energy Installation Complex
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    Yngrid Echalar Gutierrez
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