Soho Loft

New York, NY United States


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

Located in a 150-year old warehouse structure, this loft is the city abode of a performance artist. Its design employs an urban variation of the core-and-shell concept— new construction is clustered in the center of a space like an installation, leaving the bulk of the envelope untouched. A luminous cube containing kitchen, laundry, baths, storage and mechanical areas was erected in the center of the loft, in a remarkably short period of a few weeks (most of the project was “rehearsed” and assembled off-site at first, meeting the client’s strict requirements of time and cost-efficiency). With the rest of the space, our firm preserved many original elements and the industrial character, accentuating its openness and sweeping views.


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Soho Loft
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    2,500 sq ft
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