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Today, Big cities need to propose to people more over safety in the street, nice architecture, quiets parks… More opportunities to make their life easy and attractive.

SCHARLY DESIGNER STUDIO designs the building 2.0, SmartApt.

With the assessment that people live connected with their smartphone, tablets, we made the building connected with your devices. Control all your small apt,open your door with your smart phone, control the AC or heat with your tablets, switch on or off the light, the bed, the TV with your smartphone….log your unit with your neibourg’s one, book a taxi, a Night out, etc… As part of the building we have also equiped the Garden, to help people to communicate with the downstairs Retail shops. Check the catalogue, the price, make their grocery market through their devices.Welcome to the building 2.0... Building 2.0 is an ecofriendly moduls building, manufactured by our constructor partner, all the apt. Interiors & Exteriors are made with ecofriendly materials by Compact Habit.


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    Lionel Scharly, Designer/Architect ; Adrian Aguado, Assistant designer
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Specified Products

18faubourg affordance collection

18faubourg is an editor of design furnitures and objects.

All products are made of a common innovative material: Ecofriendly Plastics.

Precursors and initiator in ecofriendly plastics manufacturing "Patented",

our products comes through 5 years of Research and Developement in our Lab in France.

All items manufactured by 18faubourg are design-thinking in a permanent logic of sustainable development and new ergonomic uses,

the items are under the concept Urban & Chic, useful for the City or for Home.

Main of our items are Made in NY.



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