Roddy/Bale Garage

Bellevue, WA United States

Miller/Hull Partnership


Project Description

2007 RADA

Outbuilding / Grand

This multipurpose outbuilding was designed on a modest budget, but it rises above its humble endowment. Citing its beautiful construction and detailing, our judges gave it a Grand award.

Built several years after the completion of the main home (also designed by Miller/Hull), the structure is essentially the gatehouse to the property, serving as garage, dance studio, potting shed, and office. “When we conceived it, it was going to be a concrete structure,” says project architect Jed Edeler, AIA. But cost concerns scrapped that plan in favor of this version, framed in Douglas fir and clad in standing-seam metal to harmonize with the existing house.

Because the building straddles the property, it needed to be transparent. As a result, polycarbonate sheets serve as covering for the garage, which is topped with exposed-wood ceilings and a green roof. A galvanized plate extends beyond the wood framing, Edeler says, to give the roof a crisp, composed look.


Project Details

Roddy/Bale Garage
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Robert Hull, Principal In Charge; Jed Edeler, Project Architect.
  • General Contractor: Fulks Inc. 
  • Landscape Architect: MEJ Landspe Architectureca 
  • Photography: Erin Silva 


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