Ritz Tower Residence

New York, NY United States

TRA studio Architecture PLLC


Project Description

The apartment is located in the Ritz Tower, the first residential high rise built in 1925 in Manhattan.

The open layout, with the large expansive living room that flows effortlessly into the balcony, is reminiscent of the original layout of the apartment. The final open configuration is however the result of a careful demolition and reconstruction that completely transformed the three cramped dark apartments that had been carved over the years.

The interior is very sparse, since no original derails were remaining. The existing cast iron columns have been left exposed to celebrate the architecture and history of the building.

The difficult layout had to provide sleeping quarters for a group of five kids and a comfortable master bedroom suite, without sacrificing the expanse of the center living areas.


Project Details

Ritz Tower Residence
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Project Team:
    Caterina Roiatti, AIA; Robert Traboscia, AIA
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