Residential complex "Krestovsky's Crystals"; block “Lazurite”

St.Petersburg Russian Federation



Project Description

The two-section eight-story residential building has a polygonal form at the ground level, and it has U-shaped form starting with the first floor. There are office and technical rooms at the street level of the house, domestic premises are situated from 2 to 7 floor. Building sides consist of the different-sized cubic contents which create complex “play” of surfaces. Balconies, loggias, and also the terraces, which are located on the 7 floor, support this geometrical pattern of facades. The natural stone was used in the facing of external walls of the complex.


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Residential complex "Krestovsky's Crystals"; block “Lazurite”
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    S. Oreshkin – Project leader, R. Andreeva – main architect of the project, A. Weiner – main engineer of the project, T. Kovalenko – Head of group of architects.
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