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ReHouseMod Housing System

ReHouseMod is a conceptual prefabricated housing project made of pre-designed sectional components from recycled plastic. The ReHouseMod section is designed to be engineered and tested in the factory, then delivered to the site for assembly. A section is a portion of a home that when connected with other sections can create an entire dwelling. Major sections include the living room, bedroom and kitchen. The owner can select a variety of components making a custom home.

Using sections is just one of three ways to build an entire home. The modular housing system is made to be flexible, allowing for construction as a complete dwelling using a series of components or individual parts. The components are composed of self contained modules when connected together form a section. Parts may be configured in a variety of ways to make unique components.

ReHouseMod components and parts are made of HDPE (high density polyethylene) from recycled sources. Millions of pounds of HDPE plastic find its way into the waste stream every day in the United States. The process allows for capturing waste plastic and reforming it into modular connecting parts and components for the fabrication of a new home.


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