Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

Denver, CO United States

Fentress Architects


Project Description

The new Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center in downtown Denver features 12 custom balanced doors from Ellison Bronze.

The Judicial Center is the new home of Colorado’s judicial and legal agencies. The previous court building was not very inviting, undersized and lasted only 33 years. To create a more welcoming environment, the new courthouse contains high-end materials and finishes that will last the expected 100+ year lifespan of the building.

The Ellison balanced doors are located at the entrance of the four-story Judicial Center, which houses the Colorado Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court Library, Clerk of the Courts and an interactive visitor’s learning center.

In addition to the bronze entry doors, the courthouse features high-quality marble, granite, mahogany millwork and stained glass windows.

The Judicial Center was built to support a more efficient state judicial system and the two-building complex also includes a 12-story office building for the state’s legal agencies. The 695,767 square-foot complex combines neoclassical and modern architecture that balances neighboring civic and cultural buildings, including the Capital Building and the Denver Public Library.


Project Details

Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center
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  • Developer: Tramell Crow Company 
  • General Contractor: Mortenson Construction 
  • Ellison representive: Elliott Associates, 
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Specified Products

Ellison Bronze Formed Bronze Balanced Door

Six double door units from Ellison feature stile and rail type construction of #280 alloy muntz bronze material with a #4 satin finish and clear lacquer coating. Two double door units include Ellison PowerNow power operation functionality, facilitating optimal access for all users.

Unlike conventional entry doors, an Ellison formed-up door features a solid sub-frame, which is made of minimum .09-inch thick material. The external door skins are spot welded at close intervals to the internal channel components, yielding an extremely durable unitized construction. Due to their quality craftsmanship, Ellison doors are known for their durability and a long lifespan – sure to stand up to Colorado’s cold winters and the test of time.

While Ellison balanced doors consist of sturdy components, they can still be opened with ease. A balanced door features an inset pivot point at two-thirds the width of the door, creating a balance that distributes the weight so the door requires little force to open. The inset balancing point allows for an easier open force, even against external wind and internal building pressure.

Each door is manufactured and pre-hung at Ellison before it leaves the factory, allowing any adjustments to be made so that the operation of the door is honed to perfection for easier installations. At the courthouse, installation went very smoothly. In fact, the Judicial Center was completed two months ahead of schedule.



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