Prototype Housing for Modest Means: Reverse Engineering the Rent

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX United States


Project Description

2011 RADA

On The Boards / Merit

Edward M. Baum, FAIA, counts as neighbors many working class families who pay around $1,000 a month in rent but are still priced out of the housing market. “I got to thinking,” he says, “What could we do for that much money?” Working backward from the rental figure, Baum developed a scalable scheme of four-unit structures that offer comfort, durability, security, and the prospect of home ownership. Our judges praised not only the social mission of the proposal, but also the simplicity of the buildings and the “quilt-like effect” of the site plan.


Project Details

Prototype Housing for Modest Means: Reverse Engineering the Rent
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Project Team:
    Edward M. Baum, Principal In Charge / Project Architect
  • General Contractor: Don Romer 
  • Developer: Don Romer 
Project Scope:
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Room Or Space:
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Project Size:
    1,346 sq ft


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