Project Green Home

Palo Alto, CA United States

Arkin Tilt Architects, Red Co., Integral Impact


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Arkin Tilt Architects finessed one of the trickiest livability issues of a Passive House, and the judges applauded. “This is a Passive House that actually has windows,” one said. “I could see it fitting into a lot of different neighborhoods.”

The simple envelope helps to ensure a tight air seal; but to maximize sunlight, the house changes sectionally as you move through it. A south-facing clerestory over the two-story central living space makes the most of the limited openings. Balancing that light source on the north are three operable skylights above the stairwell and a window at the landing, which also create a thermal chimney effect.

This house is chock-full of resource-sipping innovations, two of which were permitting firsts for Palo Alto: a kitchen sink greywater system and urine-diverting toilets. Additional measures such as an air-to-water heat pump that heats domestic water and radiant floors, heat recovery from the shower drains, and rainwater collection made the house a local landmark that’s been toured by more than 800 people.


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Project Green Home
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    Arkin Tilt Architects, Architect.
  • Builder: Red Co. 
  • Verifier: Integral Impact 
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    2,500 sq ft
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Specified Products

Energy: Sorpetaler R-7 Aluminum-Clad Triple-Pane Windows And Doors / 5-kW PV Array / Radiant-Heated Thermal Mass Concrete Slab Floor / 2x8 Walls With Blown Fiberglass Insulation | Venmar HRV / Daikin Altherma Air-To-Water Heat Pump

Resources: Salvaged Douglas Fir Stair Treads And Second Floor / 50% Fly-Ash Concrete / Salvaged Exterior Trim

IAQ: Concrete Floors Stained With Iron Sulfate (Plant Fertilizer) And Sealed With Triangle Coatings White Mountain Crystal Seal / Low-VOC Paints And Stains / Operable Windows And Skylights

Water: Whole-House Greywater System / Caroma Low-Flow Toilets With Integral Sink / EcoFlush Toilets Divert Urine To The Greywater System / Edible And Native Landscaping / Greywater Irrigation System



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