'Portraits" brochure and sample works

New Paltz, NY United States


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creative professional, has

specialized in architectural

illustrations for over 40 yrs.

working with planners,

contractors and architects—

from site locations, photos,

blue prints or plotplans.

From small cottages to large

factory buildings, or a serene landscape/waterscape,

her portraits have ideally portrayed special

places—for personal enjoyment or business use.

Cami Fischer has focused her architectural

renderings generally within a 25-mile radius of

the studio but good client photographs have

expanded this limit. Thus, homes or businesses in

locations across the country either visited or via

documents, make up her portfolio. Works

include restaurants, schools, college buildings,

apartment complexes, lodges, recreational areas,

gambling casino, B&Bs, country club, a city

block of buildings, ski resort, funeral homes—more!

Notable, are technical illustrations and maps for

three text books on Chinese architecture, by

author/professor Ron Knapp, SUNY, New Paltz.

In addition, to architectural work, Cami Fischer

is multi-disciplined in graphic design, digital

publishing, illustrations of fashions, technical,

medical, text/children’s books, as well as a hand

calligrapher and award-winning fine art painter

of oils, colored pencil, pastels, pen/ink, watercolors.

In 2007 her illustration of The Purchase of the

Paltz was nationally published in “Strokes of

Genius: The Best of Drawing”.

SPECIAL NOTE: Fischer’s biography is listed in

Who's Who in the East 1996, Am.Women 2006,‘09,

Who’s Who In America 2009, 2010, 2011. 2012, 2013.


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'Portraits" brochure and sample works
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    George Fischer, Business Manager


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