Perse Residence

Tremont, OH United States

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Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

The Owner desired a home that embraced the city. The staggered forms and material changes of the home's exterior anchor its corner location in this eclectic neighborhood. The north facing glass creates a dramatic street presence and frames the city skyline and industrial valley views from within.

The home evolved from the Owner's idea of one volume cantilevered over the other. The exposed concrete is a nod to the Owner's father, a carpenter who built concrete framework. The wood siding. a creative use of mahogany porch planking, is derivative of the neighborhood's clapboard-sided homes.

The interior balances the Owner's desire for "rooms" with flowing space. The program responds to the way the Owner sought to live, from the 2nd floor studio for rekindling an old hobby, the greenhouse to nurture a new interest, a living room that opens to a private courtyard garden.

This home was designed as a livable art piece. Each element was detailed and constructed as a part of a seamless whole. The formal design phase for this project was one year, followed by a continuous refinement during the home's construction.

The extraordinary collaboration between Owner, Architect, and Contractor led to this personal and dramatic result.


Project Details

Perse Residence
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    Vocon, Architect, Cleveland
  • Structural Engineer: I.A. Lewn PE & Associates 
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    5,400 sq ft
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