PATCH: Moogfest Installation by Clemson University Architecture Students

Asheville, NC United States


Project Description


Designers: Clemson University Architecture 4th Year Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the studio of Professor Doug Hecker

Client: Moog Music, Inc.

Challenged with the opportunity to create an engaging public installation space for Moogfest 2014, Clemson Architecture Students responded with the concept of PATCH: a place for interaction and connection between both festival-goers and Asheville locals. Inspired by Bob Moog’s use of cables to patch singular sounds together to create complex songs within his legendary synthesizers, the installation aims to link the many diverse pixels (people, ideas, places) that inhabit our space into a collective image that expresses a common passion for design, music and innovation. Patch consists of four key interfaces to achieve this goal: a groundscape for comfortable conversation, a userscape with movable furniture and cell phone charging stations, a mediascape with photo backdrops and virtual interactive games, and a cloudscape that hovers over the users, acting as a visual landmark and providing shelter from the elements.

Materials: Tyvek, paracord, plywood, astroturf, shipping containers, LED color changing lights

Features: Inflatable cloud shelters, phone charging stations, portable interactive stools, graphic backdrops for photos



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Project Details

PATCH: Moogfest Installation by Clemson University Architecture Students
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Project Team:
    Courtnay Bourque, Daniel Taylor, Andrew Musulin, Tim Keesee, Lauren Gryder, Marcus Hebron, Andrew Galloway, Ian Zapata, Haley Fitzpatrick, Sarah Davis, Josh Mace, Michael Strople, Shane Smith, Austin Diehl, Vanesa Ewais, Nick Tafel, Edgar Mozo
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Project Status:
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Project Size:
    16,000 sq ft
Construction Cost:

Specified Products

Material Concepts Tyvek

8,000 square feet of Tyvek Soft Structure Fabric from Material Concepts was sewed together to create 5 pixelated "cloud" shelter structures.

Polygal Polycarbonate Panels

4x10', 25mm thick white polycarbonate panels were attached to 9 shipping containers displaying branding and other super graphics for the installation.



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