Old World Goes High Tech

Chicago, IL United States

Stuart Cohen And Julie Hacker Architects


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K+B Studio/Bath

Old World Goes High Tech

Floor-to-ceiling windows along two walls are the first hint that this bathroom was designed for an adventurous person. According to architects Stuart Cohen and Julie Hacker, the homeowner is an “interesting guy who owns a telecommunications company and collects English Arts & Crafts furniture.” His distinctive combination of interests inspired a remodeled master bathroom that is traditional with a techy edge.

The house perches above a wooded ravine, which provides a measure of privacy for the new master bath. Two high-tech interior windows ensure that privacy—the glass goes from translucent to opaque at the flick of a switch. The liquid crystal product changes clarity with the introduction of an electrical current. The in-swing windows that match the home's original glazing were custom made to fit the arched openings. Windows overlooking the driveway got a more traditional treatment. Cohen and Hacker used old English painted glass panels that the owner bought years ago as a privacy screen


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Old World Goes High Tech
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