Ocean/Bay Residence Master Bath

Water Mill, NY United States


Project Description


Grand, Master Bath In A Remodeled Home.

“Simple details don’t mean simple installation,” says architect Michael Lomont of the seamlessness that nabbed the Ocean/Bay home’s master bath a grand award.

The client had chosen travertine marble to cover the entire bathroom. The architects, on the other hand, held their breath (“Credit goes to the client for taking the leap,” says Lomont). Would they be able to get enough marble to cover the bathroom and align the grain to look both natural and consistent? There was the question of coordination: stone arriving from afar, getting the right subs to install marble, drains, fixtures, windows, and skylight, and a tight time frame. “This is a summer community,” says Lomont of the schedule dictated by working in The Hamptons, a beachside locale. “We start projects the day after Labor Day and hope to finish by Memorial Day.”

The room is about materials, but the idea is simplicity, rather than the excitement of different materials combined. Details such as condensation gutters, flashings, and curbs are out of sight, so all that’s visible is stone meeting glass. The shower’s skylight and window give a feeling of merging with the water and allow light to travel throughout the room. The marble’s striations resemble the sand at low tide. Its gray looks like the ocean when the sun goes behind a cloud. “If attention to details can permeate the big picture,” says Lomont, “that’s success.”


Project Details

Ocean/Bay Residence Master Bath
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    Stelle Architects, Architect
  • Entrant: Stelle Architects 
  • Builder: Witty & Gazda 
  • Interior Designer: Mark Cunningham 
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