Nobel Center

Stockholm Sweden

David Chipperfield Architects


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Under the direction of David Chipperfield and Christoph Felger, David Chipperfield Architects Berlin has won the competition for the design of the Nobel Center - 'Nobelhuset' in Stockholm.

The new Nobel Center is situated as a 'solitaire' in a prominent water-edge position on Blasieholmen next to the Swedish National Museum in the center of Stockholm. 'Nobelhuset' gives the Nobel Prize a home for the first time in its history, strengthening Blasieholmen as an even more prominent cultural destination and celebrating human endeavor in the center of the city. It unites under one roof an auditorium, a museum, conference facilities, offices, a library, a restaurant, a cafe with bar, and a shop. The auditorium, 'Nobelsalen,' crowns the new building as its architectural highlight and will be the future venue for the prestigious Nobel Prize Ceremony.


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Nobel Center
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