McCoy Bathroom

Alexandria, VA United States

Clint M. Larkan Design Studio


Project Description

2006 RADA

Bath / Merit

Clint Larkan, Associate AIA, is a longtime fan of folded planes, and it shows in what our judges called the “beautifully executed” bath design he created for the McCoy family.

Tasked with transforming the home's 5-foot-by-8-foot bathroom into an “accessible, functional, and efficient” master bath for a twenty-something son who uses a wheelchair, Larkan and his client agreed on a modern but timeless look to blend with the home's design. Although the client didn't want a conspicuously utilitarian bath, adequate turning radiuses, grab bars, knee clearances, and a flush shower entry were essentials. To gain the extra space he needed, Larkan demolished a wall in the existing bathroom and borrowed space from a nearby 5-foot-by-7-foot walk-in closet.

“The countertop folds in to become the dry bench and shower, and the ceiling wood panel folds down the wall to become medicine cabinetry,” Larkan says of his design's signature detail. “These unified elements give the room a clean look without highlighting the accessibility features. We wanted to create a soft, serene place where anyone could relax.”


Project Details

McCoy Bathroom
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  • Project Designer: Clint Larkan 
  • General Contractor: Ali Rosado Bailey 
  • Photography: Courtesy Clint Larkan 
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Project Size:
    130 sq ft
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