Matthew Residence

Brainerd, MN United States

Salmela Architect


Project Description

2005 RADA

Custom / More Than 3,500 Square Feet / Merit

Most of the cabins around this summer residence run parallel to the shoreline and sit as close to the water as possible. Asked to design a replacement for a cabin that had burned down, David Salmela proposed something a little more interesting. By positioning the house perpendicular to the water, he was able to create east and west terraces, tripling the view corridors. “The need for two outdoor rooms is synonymous with summer living,” he says. “You want to be able to have breakfast outside in the sun, and in the evening you want to be on the west side of the house.”

The judges applauded the way the house engages the whole site. Slate floors blend with the outdoor bluestone surfaces. On the exterior, clean detailing and traditional materials simplify the mass. The monolithic white masonry “book-ends” make the buildings appear to float in a field of native grasses.


Project Details

Matthew Residence
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Project Team:
    David Salmela, Principal In Charge /Project Architect.
  • General Contractor: John Majka 
  • Landscape Architect: Shane Coen 
  • Interior Designer: Tia Salmela Keobounpheng 
  • Photography: Peter Bastianelli Kerze 
Project Scope:
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Project Size:
    2,280 sq ft
Construction Cost:


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