Manhattan Micro Loft

New York, NY United States

Specht Harpman


Project Description

Builder's Choice and Custom Home Awards Finalist

This project involved the renovation of a tiny residential unit in Manhattan. The existing footprint was only 320 square feet, but the space stretched vertically for approximately 25 feet and had access to a roof terrace. As it existed, the arrangement was so awkward that there wasn't even a reasonable place to locate a bed or a couch.

Our solution was to create a series of “living platforms” that spiraled upward through the space, providing room for all the essentials while still allowing the apartment to feel open and light-filled. One of the levels is a cantilevered bed pavilion that projects out over the main living space, supported on steel beams. All the spaces flow into one another, and the idea of distinct "rooms" is dissolved; in fact, the only door within the space is the one into the bathroom.


Project Details

Manhattan Micro Loft
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    Caudro Interiors Inc., Builder, New York
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    320 sq ft
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