Main Entrance Gate

Lahore Pakistan


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Main Entrance Gate, TECH Society, Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is famous for its Mughal Period ‘Walled City’. The old city had 13 gates. Many gates have been demolished but some have survived and are landmark of respective areas.

This walled community tradition is still famous in Lahore, Pakistan. People prefer to live in walled communities and housing societies for security reasons. Main entrance gate is always the exclusive feature of the societies and societies are recognized due to their gates.

This entrance gate of TECH Society is built in the same old tradition. Structure is modern. Arches are built in concrete. Bricks are used for facing to have resemblance to old gates of Lahore. One arch serves as entrance and other for exit. A control /guard room is provided in the centre for monitoring security.


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Main Entrance Gate
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    Ar. Anwar UL Islam (0300-6969847)
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