Lost Creek Residence

Jackson, WY United States

Stephen Dynia Architects


Project Description

This 3,500 square foot residence is located on private land surrounded by Grand Teton National Park. The site is at the edge of a forest with view orientation across the Snake River plain to the Teton mountain range. This edge condition and the grandeur of this timeless landscape inspired an architecture of permanence, reflected in simplicity of layout and the nature of materials. Circulation is along the west side of the house with room arrangement parallel to the mountains. One enters through a skylighted carport into the primary space and is met with a dramatic view of the mountains. This view serves as a datum for the movement through the house. The clarity of the plan is accentuated by the strength of the material palette. The permanence of concrete, glass and steel are richly contrasted with an alder ceiling and mahogany cabinets.


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Lost Creek Residence
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