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Project Description

Transparency is realized on multiple levels at the Landes-Oatey residence, including the overt physical transparency of large glass openings, fiberglass grated decks that allow light filtration to a daylight basement, interior slatted fence-like wood surfaces, and numerous clerestory windows. The combination of translucent elements creates a 5,000-square foot building that appears as minimal intervention on the site, casting attention toward its dramatic natural surroundings. Consciously eco-sensitive elements—passive solar, thermal massing and recycled materials—enhance the theme.

More subtle transparency occurs through honest structural elements and materials that clearly expose form. The residence’s “no-nonsense” nature is revealed in an unashamed use of exposed concrete; simple horizontal, natural-weathering, untrimmed cedar siding; and imperfect reclaimed wood. Wood and concrete flow from exterior to interior across low-profile windows, erasing the natural-to-created space distinction, while structural steel columns and concrete flying buttress-like supports visually continue interior structure outdoors.


Project Details

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Project Team:
    Mitch Blake, principal architect
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Project Size:
    4,900 sq ft


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