Laidley Street Residence

San Francisco, CA United States


Project Description

2009 RADA

Architectural Design Detail /Merit

Lise de Vito and Jim Zack, AIA, lavished attention on the design of the skylight-topped staircase in their San Francisco townhouse. The result—a glowing transmitter of light, sound, and air—won praise from the judges. “I like the luminous quality,” said one.

The couple hand-sanded the staircase's clear acrylic treads and risers to achieve a translucent appearance. Waterjet-cut steel stringers hold these pieces together. A slim mahogany handrail adds warmth, and guardrails of glass and steel usher light into the heart of the house.


Project Details

Laidley Street Residence
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Lise De Vito, Principal In Charge / Project Designer;
  • Photography: Bruce Damonte 
  • General Contractor: Jim Zack 


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