House with one window

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Project Description


The project consists of a single compact and clear volume divided into three indipendent units;

is a three storeys building and a besement.

The idea of this residential building is to have block with the aim of creating the feeling of being as a piece of solid wood;

idea that comes out directly from the surrounding.

The very close neighboring buildings stabilized the purpose of having windows at first sight not visible from the outside,

those are almost like little halls on a bark or gentle splits on a linen fabric,

in according to the necessity of having a real intimacy of living. Only exception is the one big window freely open on the street.

The susteinable project development led all the choices of heating system solutions and the choice of using simple renovable materials,

aiming for a high energy efficiency according to the ecological approach of the design.

The heat input coming from the outside is supported by underfloor heating and photovoltaic panels;

walls are made of wood laminated panels, window frames made of wood and parquet floors.

To strengthen the bond with nature the building with his skyn made of strips of larch is placed on a rock,

a hard base made of concrete parts and paths, it has a roof garden and it’s surrounded by a layer formed of bamboo plants swaying in the breeze.

The architectural design establishes a hierarchy between the will of create lightful living spaces and the necessity of privacy,

and between the dence city site and a peaceful natural setting.


Project Details

House with one window
Shared by:
Project Team:
    Delphine Chouaib, architect; Ferdinando Savio Flores, architect.
  • Photographer: Valentina Bove 
Project Type:
Project Status:
Year Completed:
Project Size:
    222 sq m


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